About Me

Who am I?

I’m a woman in her late 20s that enjoys makeup and other beauty products. I currently live in Northern Minnesota, but am in the process of relocating to Winnipeg MB (yes, Canada!)  I’m not a makeup artist or “guru”. I’m simply someone with a love for makeup that was fed up with not being able to find swatches and reviews of products by people with cooler undertones. So I decided that instead of complaining about something, I was going to do something about it. My day job has me doing work as an I/O Psychologist. I don’t have any kids, but I do have cats!

My “stats”

I wear the foundation shade NW10 in MAC, but my go-to foundation is MUFE Ultra HD in R220. If these numbers are confusing, it’s easier to say that I wear the palest foundation out there and have cool undertones. You’ll notice that some items I swatch don’t look like other swatches on the web. Due to my undertones, any products that are super warm or have orange in them, will pull very orange against my skin. I include those swatches because I feel it’s a great resource for people with cool undertones.

My skin type is Normal/Dry and is eczema prone. I don’t have major issues with acne (thankfully!) but redness is a problem for me.

My eye shape is what is considered hooded. My hood doesn’t cover my whole lid, but the only portion that shows when my eyes are open are part of the inner corner. The outer corner of my eyes are also a bit down turned. Due to these factors I don’t wear winged liner (or liner at all really!) and I don’t take eyeshadow pictures with my eyes open without doing one with them closed.

My lashes. They are my own lashes and all natural. No extensions or implants or anything weird. I was born with these suckers and I realize I’m incredibly lucky. This means mascara reviews tend to be how well the product wears and not volume or length. If there is a noticeable change in those, I will mention it for sure. I also don’t wear false lashes because I’m happy with how mine look with some mascara on.

My eyebrows are a hot mess. I know and I’m aware of that. I do my best to keep them cleaned up and presentable, but I don’t overly sculpt or draw them on because I like a natural brow instead. If you want instagram brows, go to instagram (not mine lol).

My hair is currently a deep red that I mix with a garnet shade. My current haircut is an undercut that I brush to the side. I don’t heat style my hair at all or even blow dry it. When it comes to texture, my hair is very thick and there is a lot of it. Natural color is light blonde.


You post videos now! What camera do you use and will you do text only posts in the future?

I will be doing text only posts, but I do try to do a combo of both. Sometimes I slip up and only do a video, but I’m trying to be better! As far as a camera, I use a Canon Rebel Eos T5 for both recording and blog pictures. Pictures on my Instagram are using either that or my phone (Samsung Galaxy S7). My lighting is currently a sun therapy lamp, but I’ll be getting a ring light in the future.

What is your posting schedule?

Pretty much whenever time allows for it. I try to get at least 1 or 2 posts a week, but sometimes life happens. Posts are when I have time, but could go up on the weekend, though I aim for M-F.

Which social media is best to connect to you with?

Instagram is probably the best option if you want to connect with me more. I do have all my other social media information linked in the sidebar, but that’s where I’m most active.

Do you use Photoshop?

Yes, but not as much as you’d think. I use it to resize, crop, and watermark images. If the lighting is off and the colours aren’t true to what they are on my arm/eyes/face/ect, I will colour correct so they are the proper colors. I will also sometimes blur out stray hairs on lip swatches because there are some that show up in pictures but aren’t visible in real life. Like, I can’t even find those damn hairs to pluck or shave they’re so invisible in person.

How do you do your swatches?

Older images will have finger swatches but as of the start of 2017 all eyeshadows are swatched with a brush. Swatching methods are indicated in the post.

How long do you test products before posting a review?

Depending on the product type, it’ll be a few days to a couple of weeks. Most skincare and haircare products take about a week or so. I consider foundation and concealer in that category as well and I try to test them as long as possible. Eyeshadows I do a few different runs to see how they blend, how they fade away, what colours work for what. I can get this done in a couple of days. Blush and highlighters I do a few times, checking for wear time, pigmentation, and reaction to other products on the skin.

What are your review policies?

You can always find those on my disclosure page, but I will always be honest in my reviews and should I get sent products to review, it will be disclosed and my honest review. I try to include as much information regarding the experience in my review, including if I had to contact customer service.

Your spelling of certain words has changed over time, what happened?

In the process of moving from America to Canada, I had to re-learn how to spell many words for my day job and that included changing the spelling of many words that get used in the beauty community. You’ll notice a difference if you go back through older posts. It just comes with the territory and having to change habits for a new life in a new country!


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