FOTD – Parabola (15 in 15)

Day 13 of my challenge has me recreating a look from the music video for my favourite song from my favourite band. Fitting because 13 is my lucky number. That part wasn’t planned.

FOTD – Wrong Bitch (15 in 15)

“If you think you gon slanderize my name You done lost your mind I ain’t got time for all these games Bitch, you got the wrong bitch” Day 11 is based on the song Wrong Bitch by Todrick Hall, which is a very powerful song that is worth the listen and watch. It draws parallelsContinue reading “FOTD – Wrong Bitch (15 in 15)”

FOTD – Angel (15 in 15)

“I feel you’re closer every time I call you…” This look is really special because it was part of a huge Valentines Day collaboration I was in, which you can see here, it was also my chance to do a look based on a song that has a recent story behind it. It’s a bitContinue reading “FOTD – Angel (15 in 15)”

FOTD – I Feel It Coming (15 in 15)

So, after a few days break due to being sick, I got struck with some inspiration from a gorgeous place…the Grammys! And no, not Beyonce. The Weeknd and Daft Punk doing I Can Feel It Coming. Two of my favourite artists decided to come together this year to make music and then perform at theContinue reading “FOTD – I Feel It Coming (15 in 15)”

FOTD – Spirits (15 in 15)

“I been looking at the stars tonight and I think oh, how I miss that bright sun.” Day 7 is based on the song Spirits by The Strumbellas. I discovered this song ¬†through spotify and then re-discovered it while watching the Heritage Classic back in October. It has been in rotation on my regular playlistContinue reading “FOTD – Spirits (15 in 15)”

FOTD – Get Your Body Beat (15 in 15)

This is a throwback to some old makeup I used to do about 10 years ago when I would go out to a goth/industrial club. I toned the colours down a bit because I’m not 18/19 anymore, but it still has the same feel. I’m including a throwback picture that is heavily edited so youContinue reading “FOTD – Get Your Body Beat (15 in 15)”

FOTD – UCK FOFF (15 in 15)

Day 5! I’m getting through these slowly, but surely! This one has a bit of intent behind it. I planned on doing a look based off a Willam song because he’s my favourite drag queen and Thick Thighs was my top played song on Spotify for 2016. I changed my mind after some stress andContinue reading “FOTD – UCK FOFF (15 in 15)”