FOTD – Fever (15 in 15)

“My one and own I wanna get you alone Give you fever, fever, yeah” Day 12 is brought to you by the song Fever by Adam Lambert. I’ve been in love with his music since the beginning and the album cover had a dark smokey eye with a pop of green that I just hadContinue reading “FOTD – Fever (15 in 15)”

FOTD – I Feel It Coming (15 in 15)

So, after a few days break due to being sick, I got struck with some inspiration from a gorgeous place…the Grammys! And no, not Beyonce. The Weeknd and Daft Punk doing I Can Feel It Coming. Two of my favourite artists decided to come together this year to make music and then perform at theContinue reading “FOTD – I Feel It Coming (15 in 15)”

FOTD – Get Your Body Beat (15 in 15)

This is a throwback to some old makeup I used to do about 10 years ago when I would go out to a goth/industrial club. I toned the colours down a bit because I’m not 18/19 anymore, but it still has the same feel. I’m including a throwback picture that is heavily edited so youContinue reading “FOTD – Get Your Body Beat (15 in 15)”