FOTD – Parabola (15 in 15)

Day 13 of my challenge has me recreating a look from the music video for my favourite song from my favourite band. Fitting because 13 is my lucky number. That part wasn’t planned.

FOTD – Fever (15 in 15)

“My one and own I wanna get you alone Give you fever, fever, yeah” Day 12 is brought to you by the song Fever by Adam Lambert. I’ve been in love with his music since the beginning and the album cover had a dark smokey eye with a pop of green that I just hadContinue reading “FOTD – Fever (15 in 15)”

FOTD – The Remedy (15 in 15)

I’m horribly behind in posting these here because I’ve been sick, but here’s day day 10 of my post. I was feeling some sort of way about life and this song fit my mood that day. “The Remedy” by Puscifer is a bit harsh, but it fits so many scenarios. “You speak like someone whoContinue reading “FOTD – The Remedy (15 in 15)”

FOTD – Spirits (15 in 15)

“I been looking at the stars tonight and I think oh, how I miss that bright sun.” Day 7 is based on the song Spirits by The Strumbellas. I discovered this song ¬†through spotify and then re-discovered it while watching the Heritage Classic back in October. It has been in rotation on my regular playlistContinue reading “FOTD – Spirits (15 in 15)”

FOTD – UCK FOFF (15 in 15)

Day 5! I’m getting through these slowly, but surely! This one has a bit of intent behind it. I planned on doing a look based off a Willam song because he’s my favourite drag queen and Thick Thighs was my top played song on Spotify for 2016. I changed my mind after some stress andContinue reading “FOTD – UCK FOFF (15 in 15)”

FOTD – Happy Song (15 in 15)

Day 3! Decided to go with Happy Song from Bring Me The Horizon. I remember this song showing up on Spotify a year or so ago and falling in love with it right away and it’s been on my rotation since then. When I was going through my list of songs to do for thisContinue reading “FOTD – Happy Song (15 in 15)”