FOTD – Feel Your Love (15 in 15)

Day 4 of my 15 in 15 challenge is the song that actually inspired the whole challenge! I saw this album cover pop up in Spotify and I was inspired by the bold colours and clean lines. I wanted to replicate that in a look.

FOTD – Happy Song (15 in 15)

Day 3! Decided to go with Happy Song from Bring Me The Horizon. I remember this song showing up on Spotify a year or so ago and falling in love with it right away and it’s been on my rotation since then. When I was going through my list of songs to do for thisContinue reading “FOTD – Happy Song (15 in 15)”

**Video Post** Highlighter Challenge

If you haven’t seen around social media, there was a wonderful gal who did a full makeup routine using nothing but highlighters. Then a couple bigger youtubers picked it up and challenged everyone else to do it. I thought that since I have far too many highlighters, I’d give it a go. It’s absolute insanityContinue reading “**Video Post** Highlighter Challenge”