FOTD – Parabola (15 in 15)

Day 13 of my challenge has me recreating a look from the music video for my favourite song from my favourite band. Fitting because 13 is my lucky number. That part wasn’t planned.

FOTD – Fever (15 in 15)

“My one and own I wanna get you alone Give you fever, fever, yeah” Day 12 is brought to you by the song Fever by Adam Lambert. I’ve been in love with his music since the beginning and the album cover had a dark smokey eye with a pop of green that I just hadContinue reading “FOTD – Fever (15 in 15)”

FOTD – UCK FOFF (15 in 15)

Day 5! I’m getting through these slowly, but surely! This one has a bit of intent behind it. I planned on doing a look based off a Willam song because he’s my favourite drag queen and Thick Thighs was my top played song on Spotify for 2016. I changed my mind after some stress andContinue reading “FOTD – UCK FOFF (15 in 15)”

FOTD – Warm Smoky Eye/Red Lip

Ok, I know, this is a bit overdone online. We’ve all done this look a million times and have seen it done a million times. I’m sure you’re wondering why I did it and why the hell I’m posting it? Well, I said I’d post my FOTDs, and this is one of those. Is thereContinue reading “FOTD – Warm Smoky Eye/Red Lip”

FOTD – Vampy Cool Tones

This one was a challenge to myself! I thought I’d try one of those face charts from milk1422¬†except I’m not nearly as good as the others that do them. I think I did ok for a first try though! No real fancy techniques used, though I did switch out lip products after these pictures becauseContinue reading “FOTD – Vampy Cool Tones”

FOTD – Sunset Eyes

Hello and welcome a new series! I’m going to post my various FOTDs with a little background as to my inspirations, thought processes, and products I used when I created them. This goes beyond what one could post on twitter or instagram. Hope you enjoy! This first post is a recreation of something I triedContinue reading “FOTD – Sunset Eyes”