FOTD – Sunset Eyes

Hello and welcome a new series! I’m going to post my various FOTDs with a little background as to my inspirations, thought processes, and products I used when I created them. This goes beyond what one could post on twitter or instagram. Hope you enjoy!

This first post is a recreation of something I tried to do on New Years Eve, as well as something I wanted to do for a while. I received the lovely hand painted Christmas card above from an artist friend and knew right away that I had to create a look using these colours. I attempted to do this on NYE when I drunkenly decided to do my makeup while drunk. I figured this was better suited to do while sober as well.

As for techniques, I went with a C shape, working up in the crease/hood area and down towards the lid, sort of like a halo eye. I wanted to add the colours gradually until I popped the yellow in last. Right at the end, I added a tiny bit more eyeshadow primer and patted the yellow on with a shader brush.

Products used:

MUFE Hydrating Primer
NYX Dark Circle Corrector
MUFE Ultra HD Foundation in 220
Urban Decay All-Nighter in 1.0
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla
Colour Pop Contour Stick in Dove
Marc Jacobs Glow Stick
Kat Von D Thunderstruck
NARS Deep Throat
Urban Decay Obsessed
Viseart Cool Mattes (light grey shade for contour)
Coty Airspun Powder

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil in 02
NYX Brow Mascara in Blonde
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Viseart Cool Mattes and Bright Editorials
MUFE Aqua XL Eyeliner in M-10
Urban Decay Perversion

OCC Working Girl

Holiday Gift Guide – 2016


None of the links are affiliated, so feel free to click and shop with ease. I wasn’t paid to promote any of these products. These are just things I love and enjoy!

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday next week, the sales are heating up and it’s time to think about gifts for loved ones. Gift sets are cool, but some of them are a bit gimmicky. I have some of my favorites and picks for what to get for your loved ones this season! Click through to read more!Continue reading “Holiday Gift Guide – 2016”

NARS Velvet Lip Glide Review


I promised a review and here we are! I know these have been out for a little bit, but I’ve been testing these babies for about a month now and I have some opinions on these. Click on to read those thoughts and check out a couple of swatches of the colors.

Continue reading “NARS Velvet Lip Glide Review”

**Video Post** My Go-To Look

*Disclaimer* The video above has me using a product that I was sent for the purposes of review

I figured basic tutorials are hard to come by and this is mine. There are many like it, but this one is mine. It’s great because you can change it up to make it more bold for a night time look, or dress it down with a nude lip for a business setting and it’s appropriate. Once you get the hang of it, it’s also super quick and doesn’t take all that long to do and you don’t need super expensive or hard to find products for it. You can use whatever your heart desires. Enjoy!

From My Lips….Mental Health & Makeup


Welcome to a new series on my blog. This isn’t a review series, or even a tips and tricks type of series. It’s more of one where I take a look at makeup and beauty from a slightly journalistic and editorial standpoint and write my thoughts on the topic at hand. The comment section is an open place for added dialogue to discuss the topic as I think they are topics that should be talked about more. This edition is focused on mental health and how makeup ties into it for myself. If you’d like to read the whole post, just hit the “continue reading” button below.Continue reading “From My Lips….Mental Health & Makeup”

Spring 2016 Favorites

I haven’t done a proper favorites post in a few months, so I figured I’d do one to go over my favorites from all of spring! I’ll have mini-reviews for things I’ve been loving, or links to previous reviews of items after the jump! (Or just press play!)Continue reading “Spring 2016 Favorites”

Feedback Needed!

I’m running a quick poll on my twitter on what style of tutorials you like to watch on youtube. I’d really appreciate the feedback on what you guys would prefer to listen to so when I record I know what people would like better. For reference, a talk through tutorial is where someone is talking while they’re doing the tutorial and you can see them speaking. A voice over is where you just see them doing the action with them speaking over the video. I’m currently doing the talk through versions via the mic on my camera, but I do own a rather nice headset that I can record voiceovers with, so I’m comfortable doing those if I need to. Thanks in advance!

**Video Post** Highlighter Challenge

If you haven’t seen around social media, there was a wonderful gal who did a full makeup routine using nothing but highlighters. Then a couple bigger youtubers picked it up and challenged everyone else to do it.

I thought that since I have far too many highlighters, I’d give it a go. It’s absolute insanity and towards the end you can just see me losing it a bit as I go to add more on top of what was already there. I “bronzed” my face because at that point I was like “why the hell not?”
I hope you enjoy this absolute insane, yet fun post. It’s a good reminder that makeup isn’t super serious stuff and it’s good to have fun with it. It all washes off.

It’s worth noting, if you recreate this, you WILL emphasize every bit of texture in your skin and look slightly bloated. It’s just the nature of adding light and glitter to such a large area.

Stay beautiful (and shiny!) people!